Ancillaries In-Mould Air Ejector

In-Mould Air Ejector Valve

The in-mould air ejector is designed to be fitted into a composite or a metal mould (specific mould inserts can be provided for fitting the valve into either metal or composite moulds)The valve provides an efficient method of removing cured mouldings without the mould damage associated with wedges or mechanical force.

  • Designed to provide maximum air-flow with the minimum of interference with the mould surface. The 17mm flush end surface is considerably smaller than most other units currently available. The high opening force created by the larger integral piston at the rear of the valve ensures reliable and powerful operation.
  • Machined from steel and treated to provide a hardened and corrosion resistant surface.
  • Maximum operating temperature of Standard valve 80°c
  • Maximum operating temperature of High Temp version 200°c
  • Standard metric thread to enable threading into the mould structure and easy removal.
  • Mould inserts available for fitting into either composite of metal tooling (see mould inserts)
  • Closing force provided by internal spring but air pressure can be applied if working against high in-mould pressures.
  • Air connections positioned in the end-cap surface to enable easy access once installed.
  • Remote operation by pneumatic push-button switch connected via 6mm pipes and fittings (Part No. XE-0021).
  • Single push-button may be used to operate multiple ejectors.
  • Connections:
  • Air supply 6-8 bar
  • Port A: Air Eject
  • Port B: Close—This port only needs to be connected if the in-mould pressure exceeds 3 bar
How to specify / order

Valve Item/Option NotesPart/option Number
Air Ejector Valve (Standard)Including mould insert for composite mould.
Maximum operating temperature 80°c

Air Ejector Valve (High Temp version)Maximum operating temperature 200°cXE-0020-02
Air Ejector (standard)
Without mould insertXE-0020-01
5/2 Pneumatic push button control valve includes pipes and connectors
Air Ejector insert (for composite moulds)
Air Ejector insert (for metal moulds)
Air Ejector blanking plugXA-2007

Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice: