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Data Logging System - CiDAQ

CiDAQ - Data Logging System

A compact and integrated data Acquisition system for the monitoring and recording of process variables

With a total of 20 channels for measuring both temperature and 0-10v analogue sensor outputs (In-Mould Pressure Sensors or linear transducers etc.), the CiDAQ system uses a ‘plug-and-play’ approach to capturing process data. A sophisticated, yet simple to use software interface allows for real time viewing of process information and recording of data in csv format. The unit is contained in a robust carrycase allowing for easy storage and straight forward deployment when needed.


System includes;

– 10 x 0-10V analogue inputs (24V excitation voltage)
– 10 x K-Type thermocouple inputs
– Sample rate of 1Ks/second
– USB connection to laptop/PC (computer hardware not supplied)
– Robust portable enclosure
– In-Mould Pressure Sensors (IMPS) compatible

Software Features

Data Acquisition Software Features;

– Quickly and easily acquire, view, and log data
– Configure device, channel, and acquisition options
– View data in any combination of scalar, strip, and block displays
– Export acquired data to a .csv file for interpretation and analysis using MS Excel
– Customize display size, location, and channel/trace colours
– Save the configuration to a file for later reuse and modification
– Supported operating systems: Windows® 10/8/7/Vista®, 32-bit or 64-bit


Item/OptionNotesPart Number
ThermocoupleK-type - complete with miniature plugEL-35-0252
Pressure Sensor - 0-4 Bar ABS - 80°COther pressure sensor ranges available upon request
Note: Other pressure sensor ranges available upon request
Pressure Sensor - 0-4 Bar ABS - 120°C1m High Temperature Cable
Note: Other pressure sensor ranges available upon request
Sensor Extension Cable2m Length
Other lengths are available upon request.

How to specify / order

To specify please list part numbers individually (e.g. to order the CiDAQ system specify XE-9999-028 & indicate the required quantity, list all thermocouples and sensors separately)

In-Mould Pressure Sensor (IMPS) options

The IMPS range and readout units have been developed specifically for accurate pressure monitoring and control in RTM and Resin Infusion moulding processes.

IMPS can be used to provide in-mould feedback control to Ciject® Injection machines.