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Mould Seals

A comprehensive range of mould seals and ‘formers’ used in the mould tool-making process.

All standard seals have a maximum service temperature of 200°C and as a result, this allows the majority of moulds to be built with a standard seal groove but still enables some flexibility in seal specification and performance.

The D section resin seal is available in three versions with varying levels of compressibility.

Mould Seal Options
D Section – Blue (RD-20-0013)
  • Standard D section mould seal for use as a resin seal in the majority of 'Light' RTM and RTM tooling
  • The mould seal is used during the mould construction to generate the correct seal groove
  • D Section - Green (RD-20-0011)
  • A harder and more resilient version of the D section mould seal
  • For use as a resin seal in high-pressure RTM applications
  • D Section – White Inflatable (RD-20-0010)
  • D section mould seal for use as a resin seal in 'Light' RTM or RTM tooling
  • Used to reduce seal drag when closing the mould where flanges are too steep for conventional seals
  • The mould seal is inflated or collapsed under vacuum using a mould seal control unit (XE-0400)
  • Lip Section - Blue (RD-20-0012)
  • Lip section mould seal for use as an outer vacuum seal in ‘Light' RTM moulds
  • Small Lip Section - Blue (RD-20-0014)
  • Smaller version of the standard Lip section mould seal, being approximately half the size of RD-20-0012
  • Can be used for vacuum applications where small bend radii is required
  • Also used to retain mould-insert blocks under vacuum
  • Resin Runner Profile (RD-20-0016)
  • Silicone section designed to provide a correct resin runner detail, during VRTM mould manufacture
  • Can be formed around horizontal and vertical radii
  • Foam Silicone Groove Profile (RD-20-0017)
  • Foam silicone section designed to provide a correct groove during mould manufacture, for fitting of Lip section mould seal (RD-20-0012)
  • Easily formed around horizontal and vertical radii
  • Corners rounded for easy laminating during the mould making process
  • 10 x 5 with Radius (RD-20-0009)

    Seal for use with small RTM applications– where standard ‘D’ seal is not applicable. 12.5 mm overall height.
    Silicone Type: General purpose, 55 shore hardness.

    How to Specify/Order

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    Note: all specifications are subject to change without notice.