Ancillaries Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Ultrasonic Leak Detector– Detect 10

This high quality ultrasonic DETECT10 detector can be used to easily detect leaks during any vacuum moulding, vacuum infusion or RTM application.

As a gas or liquid passes through a small restrictive opening, ultrasonic noise is created. Whilst this noise is imperceptible to the ear it is easily located by the Leak Detector using the ultrasonic probe.

Leaks are indicated by an LED-array and an audible tone through the headset. As the instrument is moved closer to the ultrasonic source more LED’s will light up. Simultaneously, the frequency of the tone rises.

The instrument is very easy to use and requires no special training or skills.

Provided with a high quality protective case for transport and storage.

Technical Specification

Item/specificationDetailsPart Number
Ultrasonic Leak detectorDI-MADETECT10
Visual IndicatorLED Array
Audible Indicator VCO 0-5 kHz
SensitivityAdjustable 50 dB
Min detectable sound1nbar in the 25-40kHz
Casing ABS
Temp range0-55 C°
Battery 9V IEC type bLFF22
Dimensions215 x 50 x 40mm
Weight 240g