Composite Integration has many years of experience in the marine industry.

Originally the emphasis was mainly on developing smaller structures in VRTM (hatch covers etc) but our innovative work in Resin Infusion has led to the supply of equipment and technology for manufacturing much larger structures such as hulls and decks.

Ciject equipment is now used to manufacture some of the largest and most prestigious vessels currently in production.

Vacuum Systems

A range of vacuum systems for VRTM, RTM, RTM Light and Infusion.

Infusion Station: A mobile vacuum station with a single stage, air cooled. oil-filled rotary vane vacuum pump and includes a 30 litre resin trap. This vacuum system is configured specifically for ‘resin infusion’ processes.

Feature Includes:

  • Oil filled vacuum pump
  • Achievable vacuum levels of 0.2 mbar (absolute)
  • DOL start/stop with motor overload protection
  • Oil mist separator with air exhaust filters, demisters and an oil filter
  • Inlet filter with paper element fitted, outlet connected to vacuum catch pot
  • Fabricated steel vacuum catch pot – 375 mm ID x 275 mm (height)
  • Aluminium lid with a vacuum seal and clear window insert

The Ciject® Two Injection machine for RTM and Infusion is based around a powerful modular touch-screen PLC, enabling the addition of a wide range of options and control functions.

Features include:

  • Mixed output from 0.1Kg up to 10Kg per min (dependant on resin viscosity)
  • Injection pressure range -1 to 9 Bar Gauge
  • In-mould pressure sensors (IMPS) can be connected to the machine to enable pressure control based on internal mould pressures
  • Fully automatic open/close mixing head
  • Low volume/high velocity mixing head flush system to ensure simple and quick cleaning with minimum solvent use
  • Unique catalyst/hardener monitoring system

The Ciject® Four injection machine has been developed as an extension of the existing Ciject range. Designed specifically for large scale infusion processing, using twin pumps to achieve high output rates and redundancy for risk mitigation. The specification can be adapted and the control system can be configured to suit the particular parameters of the customer’s process.

The Ciject Four is currently used to manufacture the worlds largest production infused yachts.

Features include:

  • Fully automatic mixing heads feeding into auto-manifold
  • Unique catalyst/hardener monitoring system
  • Two Independent Pump System – with the option to run independently
  • Mixed output up to 12Kg per min (dependant on resin viscosity) per pump.
  • Drive cylinder heating/de-icing system
  • High flow cylinder silencers
  • Recirculation isolation valves to ensure 100% material flow to mixing head during injection