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Direct Infusion™️ for the Wind Industry

As the infusion process has become more widespread the need to mechanise the handling, mixing and delivery of the resin has become more important. The traditional technique of hand-mixing bulk resin becomes impractical and potentially risky when using the process on any significant scale. Problems with material ratio consistency, potential bulk-exotherm and high levels of waste can have a significant detrimental effect on the viability of the process.

A meter-mixing machine can be used to simply dispense mixed resin ‘on demand’ into a suitable container, but Composite Integration have taken the technology a step further by pioneering the development of systems capable of injecting ‘directly’ into the infusion process. The addition of strategically positioned In-Mould Pressure Sensors (IMPS) to monitor infusion pressure, control flow rate and regulate volumetric compression, enables completely automated, precision control over the whole operation.

Typical Direct Infusion Strategy for Large Structures

Equipment Set-Up

The Ciject Five Infusion machine has been developed specifically for large scale infusion processing, managing mix-ratio, infusion pressure and flow rates to provide unmatched levels of automation, efficiency and quality control.

1) Ciject Five– Resin mixing and infusion
2) Manifold – Resin distribution
3) IMPS – Data feedback and control
4) Catchpot – Contaminant protection
5) Civac pump – Vacuum system
6) Consumables – Infusion film & PVC pipe

Ciject Equipment

Ciject Machines are optimised for Direct Infusion, with the latest generation of models having been developed specifically for large scale processing where volume output is needed.

The Ciject Five is used to infuse some of the world’s largest composite structures currently in production.

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