Composites are used extensively in the truck and heavy plant industry.

Traditional manufacturing methods have steadily been replaced by ‘closed mould’ processes as structures have become more complex and tolerance and structural performance requirements have become tighter.

Our equipment and tooling is used by several leading manufacturers in this sector.

The entry level machine in the Ciject range with a simple and effective manual control system. The Ciject Zero includes accurate electronic pressure control allowing it to be used for both RTM and vacuum processes.

Features include:

  • Simple and reliable operator control
  • Manually adjustable injection speeds with digital pump count readout
  • Fixed automatic mix-head
  • Pre-settable volume/pump counter with auto-stop
  • Flush alarm which provides timed audible warning after injection

The Ciject One Injection Machine for RTM and VRTM is a sophisticated machine with programmable functions and an extensive level of control options. The Ciject One features an unrivalled level of control with simplicity of operation.

Features include:

  • Unique pivoted pump mounting that allows easy access to entire pump assembly for easy maintenance
  • Fully enclosed cabinet with full operator control
  • PLC control with colour touch-screen operator display
  • Injection pressure range -1 to 9 Bar (G)
  • 20 pre-settable programs
  • Automatic mix-head mounted on adjustable boom
  • Alarm monitored ‘gel timer’ which indicates when flushing is required

The Ciject® Two Injection machine for RTM and Infusion is based around a powerful modular touch-screen PLC, enabling the addition of a wide range of options and control functions.

Features include:

  • Mixed output from 0.1Kg up to 10Kg per min (dependant on resin viscosity)
  • Injection pressure range -1 to 9 Bar Gauge
  • In-mould pressure sensors (IMPS) can be connected to the machine to enable pressure control based on internal mould pressures
  • Fully automatic open/close mixing head
  • Low volume/high velocity mixing head flush system to ensure simple and quick cleaning with minimum solvent use
  • Unique catalyst/hardener monitoring system