Ciject Manifold

Automated Manifold Systems

Consisting of modular outlet valves that can be assembled together to create a bank of valves, our automated manifolds are fitted with engineered sealing technologies, which ensures that the system is fully vacuum tight, and pressure rated.

Following a successful infusion, the whole manifold can be flushed, resulting in a fully reusable system that generates less waste and provides greater efficiency than standard hand-built manifolds.

Features Include:

  • Reusable, reducing consumable waste
  • Integrated flush system
  • Push-button operation to open/close valves
  • Datalogging of operator actions, allowing full process traceability
  • Engineered sealing technology to guarantee pressure and vacuum integrity
  • Enhanced health and safety features, including integrated pressure sensing and machine interlock system to provide over-pressure protection
How to Order

To specify a machine configuration please contact our team below to confirm machine requirements and specifications