Ciject® Five – Shell Machine

Infusion Machine

A proven range of highly reliable and controllable resin mixing machines for large scale Direct Infusion™️

Designed specifically for high performance infusion, the Ciject Five® uses precision gear pumps to achieve high outputs with inline flow meters providing flow PID feedback to maintain accurate material ratios at all rates.

Large scale infusions require an accurate, consistent mix-ratio throughout the process. Working seamlessly in combination with our automated manifold systems, the Ciject Five offers closed loop pressure control in real time, ensuring optimum fill times and laminate quality whilst maintaining exacting ratios across the flow range.

The Ciject Five is designed to:

  • Replace Manual resin mixing and handling in the infusion process
  • Perform thin film degassing as material is loaded, with vacuum maintained until infusion
  • Control the temperature of stored material accurately
  • Automatically pump and mix resin/hardener and maintain ratio accuracy over the entire output range
  • Dispense the mixed resin directly into the infusion process
  • Deliver a 30 kg/min maximum flow rate
  • Automatically control the rate of injection based on pressure feedback from the mould
  • Enable full operator control over the process with relevant checks, interlocks/alarms and feedback before as well as during the process
  • Carry out a safe and efficient integrated flush cycle
  • Record real-time process data
Key Features:

Key Features:

  • Available with mix ratios to suit polyester/vinylester and epoxy systems
  • Fully enclosed cabinet with full operator control
  • High specification gear pumps driven by inverter-controlled AC motors or servo drives
  • Low volume, non-pressurized mix-head flush system to ensure simple and quick cleaning
  • A and B component tanks incorporating material loading from IBC’s and heating/degassing capabilities
  • Includes A and B component filtration
  • Features pump pressure and flow monitoring
  • A unique In-Mould Pressure Sensor (IMPS) system which allows automated control of injection rate based on pressure feedback from the mould
  • Maximum flow rate of up to 30 kg per minute whilst maintaining accurate mix ratios
  • Material degassing whilst loading material into onboard conditioning tanks
  • Ability to maintain vacuum on tanks until infusion
  • Accurate temperature control of stored material
  • Process data recording in real-time
  • Full control of the process with relevant checks, interlocks/alarms and feedback before and during the process, including material levels, temperatures, mixed ratio checks and degas status
  • The ability to control infusion pressure as low as 50 mbar (ABS) enabling the control of bag consolidation pressure
  • Tank level sensors to control automated loading and monitor available material before as well as during infusion
How to Order

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