Silicone Ancillaries Silicone

High quality two-part silicone ideally suited for use in Silicone Composites spray equipment.

Silicone Options:

2 part platinum-cure silicone with a viscosity ideally suited to spraying.

  • Available in 50kg, 100kg, and 400kg batches
  • Suitable for use with 'Thixo' additive when a thicker paste consistency is needed (see SC4 Machine Data Sheet)
  • Pigmented translucent purple
Thixo Additive SC00652

Thixotropic additive to instantly increase the viscosity of mixed silicone to a paste consistency.
Can be hand mixed or automatically dispensed on-demand using the SC4 machine.
1kg package

Retarder SC00633

Additive to safely inhibit the cure of mixed silicone to approx 20 mins.
1kg package

How to specify / order

To specify please use the appropriate part number and indicate quantity.