Silicone Spray Equipment SC2 Mini

The SC2 Mini Silicone Spray System is a small portable machine designed to dispense/spray silicones at a mix ratio of 1:1.
Including 2.5 litre material tanks and a simple manually operated dispensing/spray gun, this ‘bench-top’ machine is specifically designed for smaller applications or projects where portability could be an advantage.
The machine uses highly accurate positive-displacement piston pumps to provide consistent and efficient output.

See below for full specification:

SC2 Mini Features

Machine/Feature Specification
SC2 Mini
Material tank size2 x 2.5 litre
Pump typeDouble-acting positive displacement
Pump configuration2 x 10cc
Mix ratio1:1
Control Pneumatic
Mix Head typeManually actuated head valves
Static mixer
Spray Head typeRemovable air assist spray nozzle at end of static mixer
Hose length2m
Weight22 kg
Dimensions340mm x 250mm x 570mm