Silicone Spray Equipment SC2 Mini

SC2 Mini Silicone Dispense Machine

The SC2 Mini Silicone Dispenser Machine uses highly accurate positive-displacement piston pumps to provide consistent and efficient output.

The SC2 Mini Silicone Dispenser Machine and Spray System is a small portable machine designed to dispense/spray silicones at a mix ratio of 1:1.
Including 2.5 litre material tanks and a simple manually operated dispensing/spray gun, this ‘bench-top’ machine is specifically designed for smaller applications or projects where portability could be an advantage.

See below for full specification:

SC2 Mini Features

Machine/Feature Specification
SC2 Mini
Material tank size2 x 2.5 litre
Pump typeDouble-acting positive displacement
Pump configuration2 x 20cc
Mix ratio1:1
Control Pneumatic
Mix Head typeManually actuated head valves
Static mixer
Spray Head typeRemovable air assist spray nozzle at end of static mixer
Hose length2 m
Weight23.5 kg
Dimensions340 mm x 250 mm x 576 mm

Infusion Moulding with a reusable silicone vacuum bag

Infusion Moulding with a reusable silicone vacuum bag is a 'complimentary technology' when compared to RTM and traditional resin infusion and is suitable for some applications where other 'closed mould' processes are not practical or economically viable.You can compare our other videos of this same dinghy being moulded using VRTM and conventional infusion with a disposable vacuum bag.