Vacuum Equipment Rotary Claw Type

Vacuum Systems (Rotary-claw type)

Rotary-claw type pumps are ideally suited to large scale VRTM processes, combining exceptional toughness, high flow rates and low output noise.

This type of vacuum pump is not adversely affected by air-admittance during the moulding process (‘rough’ vacuum) unlike oil-lubricated pumps which, despite achieving higher levels of vacuum, will vent oil vapour if used in this type of application. Available as stand-alone pumps or in a range of configurations.

  • High output oil free rotary-claw type 80m³ vacuum pump
  • Vacuum levels down to 40 mbar absolute
  • Highly reliable and relatively quiet
  • Very high flow rate ideally suited for multiple mould operation
  • Replaceable cartridge filter to prevent dust and fibre entering the vacuum pump
  • Long service intervals
  • Standard vacuum pump is three phase 415 volt supply, rated output 1300 litres/min
Vacuum system options
Simple ON/OFF Control
  • Start/stop DOL control with motor overload protection
  • Full Switching Control
  • Digital display of vacuum level (gauge)
  • User adjustable digital switching unit to minimise pump operation whilst providing constant vacuum output.
  • Automatically turns pump ON/OFF between pre-set max/min vacuum level settings.
  • Control unit with MCB fusing, motor overload protection, and solid-state relay power switching
  • Hours-Run Meter
  • Electronic counter to record the total pump use in hours
  • Allows accurate planning of service intervals
  • Absolute Vacuum Gauge
  • Digital display to provide readout of vacuum level from atmospheric pressure down to zero mbar
  • Large Reservoir
  • 200 litre vacuum reservoir
  • Includes six vacuum take-offs (three fitted with regulators)
  • Regulators provide constant downstream vacuum independent of upstream variations
  • How to specify / order

    Machine Item/Option NotesPart/option Number
    Vacuum Pump (MINK Rotary Claw Type)XV-0300
    80m³/hr Vacuum Pump
    Three phase


    Simple on/off control
    Full switching Control
    Absolute vacuum readout
    Hours-Run meter
    Available with either control option (simple or full-switching)
    Large reservoir
    Vacuum Pump Spares Kits (MINK)
    Spares kit- 78m³/hr Vacuum Pump
    Spares kit- 80m³/hr Vacuum Pump XV-0300-SK-02

    To specify a configuration use the pump part number followed by the required option numbers separated by a hyphen.

    e.g. XV-0300-01-06-10 specifies a 80m³/hr Vacuum Pump with full switching control and large reservoir.

    Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice:

    Example of typical configuration

    Configured specifically for larger scale VRTM Processes :
    Rotary-claw type pump with the following:
    (Configuration part number XV-0300-01-06-10)

    80m³/hr rotary-claw type vacuum pump
    Full digital switching unit to minimise pump operation whilst providing constant vacuum output
    200L reservoir with six vacuum take-offs (three fitted with regulators to provide constant downstream vacuum independent of upstream variations)