Vacuum Equipment Dry Vane Type

Vacuum Systems (Dry Vane Type)

Simple, robust and efficient dry-running vacuum pumps ideally suited to VRTM processes.

This type of vacuum pump is not adversely affected by air-admittance during the moulding process (‘rough’ vacuum) unlike oil-lubricated pumps which, despite achieving higher levels of vacuum, can vent oil vapour if used in this type of application.

Available as stand-alone pumps or in a range of configurations.

  • High-output oil-free rotary vane vacuum pumps
  • Range of rated outputs with maximum vacuum level of 100-150mbar absolute
  • Fitted with Replaceable cartridge-filter to prevent dust and fibre entering the vacuum pump
  • Running time approx 4000-8000 hours between service intervals
  • Available configured to suit single or multi-mould operations
Vacuum system options
3 Phase Supply Option
  • Larger (25 and 40³/hr) pumps can be specified for three phase or single phase supply
  • Simple ON/OFF Control
  • Start/stop DOL control with motor overload protection
  • Full Switching Control
  • Digital display of vacuum level (gauge)
  • User adjustable digital switching unit to minimise pump operation whilst providing constant vacuum output.
  • Automatically turns pump ON/OFF between pre-set max/min vacuum level settings.
  • Control unit with MCB fusing, motor overload protection, and solid-state relay power switching
  • Absolute Vacuum Gauge
  • Digital display to provide readout of vacuum level from atmospheric pressure down to zero mbar
  • Hours-Run Meter
  • Electronic counter to record the total pump use in hours
  • Allows accurate planning of service intervals
  • Small Reservoir
  • 20 litre vacuum reservoir
  • Includes two vacuum take-offs (one fitted with regulator)
  • Regulator provide constant downstream vacuum independent of upstream variations
  • Large Reservoir
  • 200 litre vacuum reservoir
  • Includes six vacuum take-offs (three fitted with regulators)
  • Regulators provide constant downstream vacuum independent of upstream variations
  • Frame Mounting
  • Pump Mounted onto simple compact base frame with 2 x swivel/stop castors and 2 x fixed castors (required if a control option is chosen but no reservoir)
  • How to specify / order

    Machine Item/Option NotesPart/option Number
    Vacuum Pump (Dry Vane Type)
    5m³/hr Vacuum Pump
    single phase
    10m³/hr Vacuum Pump
    single phase
    40m³/hr Vacuum Pump (single phase)
    single phase
    40m³/hr Vacuum Pump (three phase)
    Three phase
    Simple on/off control
    Full switching Control
    Absolute vacuum readout
    Hours-Run meter
    Available with either control option (simple or full-switching)
    Small reservoir
    20L- Suitable for 5 or 10 m³/hr pumps
    Large reservoir
    200L Suitable for 40 m³/hr pumps
    Frame mounting
    Necessary if the pump is not to be reservoir mounted but is specified with a control option.
    Seco Vacuum Pump Spares Kits
    Spares Kit- 5m³/hr Pump
    Spares Kit - 10m³/hr Pump
    Spares Kit - 40m³/hr Pump

    To specify a configuration use the pump part number followed by the required option numbers separated by a hyphen.

    e.g. XV-0100-04-11-21 specifies a 40m³/hr Vacuum Pump with three-phase option, full switching control and large reservoir.

    Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice: