Ciject® Injection Equipment Ciject® Zero

RTM/VRTM Injection Machine

The entry level machine in the Ciject® range with a simple and effective manual control system.

The Ciject® Zero includes electronic pressure control allowing it to be used for both RTM and vacuum processes.

Features include:

  • Simple and reliable operator control
  • Purpose designed resin and 316 stainless steel catalyst/hardener piston pumps for high reliability and simple maintenance
  • Available with mix ratios to suit polyester/vinylester, epoxy or phenolic systems
  • Injection pressure range –0.9 to 8.0 Bar (G)
  • Manually adjustable injection speeds with digital pump count readout
  • Fixed automatic mix-head
  • Pre-settable volume/pump counter with auto-stop
  • Flush alarm which provides timed audible warning after injection
  • Service interval alarm
  • Lockable settings
Ciject® Zero Machine Options
High-Flow Mix-Head Option
  • High-flow mix-head designed to optimise material flow
  • Robust, pneumatically actuated recirculation valve
High-Flow Hose Option
  • For use to maximise machine output which is particularly useful when using higher viscosity resins.
  • Large bore resin inlet and feed hoses with suitable filter
  • Standard configuration for connection to IBC (other configurations available on request)
  • Drum Trolley
  • Stainless steel resin drum platform optimised for easy loading of standard resin barrels
  • IBC Connection Kit
  • Parts kit to connect a Ciject Injection machine to IBC resin container
  • Includes male/female camlock connector, inline Y filter and connections to fit standard 1” resin feed hose
  • IBC Heater
  • 240V flexible heated jacket with quick release buckles to heat 1000 L IBC
  • 1000 mm x 4400 mm or heated length 3900 mm
  • Switchable upper and lower heat zones, 1000 watt each zone
  • Performance: Water temperature with insulation lid 15 - 80°C in 56 hours
  • Note: Machine is rated for maximum material temperature of 80°C
  • Barrel Heater
  • 240V flexible jacket to heat 200 L barrel to a maximum of 80°C
  • Silicone insulated heating element with PU covered polyamide cover
  • IP40 protection and 5 metre connection cable
  • Note: Machine is rated for maximum material temperature of 80°C
  • Material Holding and Degassing Tanks

    A range of material holding/degassing tanks that can be used with Ciject Injection equipment

    The range includes:

  • Resin holding tanks
  • Hardener holding tanks
  • Optional vacuum rated degassing tanks
  • Heating options
  • Stirrer options
  • Spares Kits
  • Spares kits containing all necessary service replacement parts for pumps and mix-head
  • Conversion Kits

    To convert a machine originally configured for use with one resin system to work with another

  • All parts necessary to convert for use with an alternative resin system (available to convert to polyester, epoxy or phenolic)
  • Includes appropriate catalyst/hardener pump
  • Includes alternative resin pump if necessary
  • Includes all necessary instructions pipe-work and connectors
  • How to Specify/Order

    Machine Item/Option NotesPart/Option Number
    Ciject Zero Injection Machine XE-0000
    Polyester Version 0.5% - 4.0% ratio range01
    Epoxy Version 2:1 100:12.5 - 100:50 ratio range 02
    Epoxy Version 1:1100:25 - 100:100 ratio range03
    Phenolic Version1% - 8% ratio range 04
    High-Flow Mix-Head Option06
    High-Flow Hose Option IBC type 07
    Drum Trolley08
    Associated Parts
    IBC Connection Kit Resin feed XA-1094
    IBC Connection KitEpoxy hardener feedXA-1094-01
    Barrel HeaterXA-1097
    Spares Kits XE-0000-SK
    Polyester Option (PRE Sept 2021)0.5% - 4.0% ratio range01
    Epoxy Option100:12.5 - 100:50 ratio range02
    Epoxy Option100:25 - 100:100 ratio range03
    Phenolic Option1% - 8% ratio range 04
    High-Flow Hose Option05
    High-Flow Mix-Head Option06
    Polyester Option (POST Sept 2021)0.5% - 4.0% ratio range07
    Conversion KitsKits available to convert machines to process alternative resin typesXE-0000-CK
    Polyester to Epoxy 100:50 01
    Epoxy 100:50 to Polyester 02
    Polyester to Phenolic 03

    To specify a machine configuration use the machine part number followed by the required option numbers separated by a hyphen.

    e.g. XE-0000-01 & XE-0000-SK-01 specifies a Ciject Zero Polyester version with the appropriate spares kit.