Ciject® Injection Equipment Ciject® Two

RTM/VRTM Injection Machine

The Ciject Two is a high-performance resin mixing and injection machine developed for two or three component resin systems.

Suitable for RTM, VRTM and Direct Infusion™️ the Ciject Two is an extremely versatile machine that combines an unrivalled level of control with simplicity and ease of use.

Standard features include:  
Mixed output capacity 0.1 kg up to 10 kg per minute (viscosity dependent)
Mix ratio adjustment Suitable for polyester/vinylester, phenolic, epoxy, thermoplastics (two & three component)
Enclosed cabinet Secure and protected environment
Integrated flush systemLow volume gravity fed flush cycle for efficient quick cleaning
Onboard solvent tankCompact and safe material storage
Solvent level sensorEnsure sufficient solvent prior to injection
Injection pressure control-1 to 9 bar suitable for Infusion, VRTM and RTM
Hardener material storage Compact and safe material storage
Resin & Hardener filtersInline removable filters 
Purpose designed pumpsStainless steel hardener pumps for high reliability and simple maintenance
Long life sealsSeals designed and tested for service life in excess of 250,000 kg

Control System

Control System 
Touch screen Clear and simple touch screen user interface
Intelligent control Prompting operator input
Injection recipe Programmable injection recipe/profile
SecurityProgrammable security access
Vacuum testPre-injection vacuum integrity check
Pressure sensor Inputs for 2 x In-Mould Pressure Sensors (IMPS) for enhanced control and data collection.
Ratio distance sensorVisual on screen display of ratio setting
Wireless display/connectivityRemote connection for mobile control and data logging
Flush Programmable flush sequence and flush alarm

Ciject® Two Machine Options
Flow Meters – Available for Epoxy and Polyester
  • A sophisticated flow sensing system
  • Displays live mix ratio alarms if outside of programmed tolerance
  • Ratio is data logged throughout the injection and saved in the injection report - allows for later validation for quality control
High-Flow Mix-Head and Hoses
  • Maximizes machine output - particularly useful when using higher viscosity resins
  • Large bore resin inlet and feed hoses with suitable filter
  • Pneumatically actuated recirculation ball valves
Fixed Catalyst Tank
  • 10 litre catalyst tank rigidly mounted to the rear of the machine cabinet
  • Includes a replaceable inline filter
  • Provides a gravity feed to the catalyst pump
Motorised Catalyst/Hardener System
  • Automatic motorized control of the catalyst ratio
  • Ability to set the ratio for an epoxy system on-screen without needing to mechanically adjust the system
  • Ratio is controlled by a motor that is constantly measured and checked by an absolute linear position sensor
  • Progressive catalyst injections for large components; starts the injection at one ratio for a slower cure and increases the ratio over the course of an injection to achieve a faster cure
RFID Scanner & Tags
  • Programmable tags to define injection recipe and parameters
  • The tags are attached to the mould and the operator scans the tag which identifies the relevant parameter
  • Removes the requirement for an operator to manually select the correct recipe

Note: includes 25 RFID tags.

Inline PID Resin & Hardener Heaters
  • Stainless steel inline heater with 2.7 kW thermostatically controlled cartridge type elements
  • PID temperature control with over temperature alarm - adjustable from ambient temperature up to 60°C
  • Solid state relay switching for reliable long term operation

Note: the machine is rated for maximum material temperature of 80°C when resin is being externally heated.

IMPS Input Module - 4 Input
  • 4 x additional inputs for In-Mould Pressure Sensors (IMPS) can be used to monitor the injection or for controlling larger infusions
  • Readings are displayed within the control screen

Note: IMPS to be specified and ordered separately.

Thermocouple Monitoring Module - 4 Input
  • Inputs for 4 x K-type thermocouples
  • Readings are displayed within the control screen
Drum Trolley
  • Stainless steel drum trolley
  • Suitable for a 200 litre material drum
How to Specify/Order

To specify a configuration for this equipment, please contact our team below to discuss the machine requirements and specifications.