Ciject® Injection Equipment Ciject® Two

RTM/VRTM Injection Machine

The Ciject® Two is based around a powerful modular touch-screen PLC enabling the addition of a wide range of options and control functions.

The Ciject Two features an unrivalled level of control with simplicity of operation.

Features include:

  • Fully enclosed cabinet with full operator control
  • Mixed output from 0.1Kg up to 10Kg per min (dependant on resin viscosity)
  • Available with mix ratios to suit polyester/vinylester, epoxy or phenolic systems (see options list)
  • Injection pressure range -1 to 9 Bar Gauge
  • In-mould pressure sensors (IMPS) can be connected to the machine to enable pressure control based on internal mould pressures
  • Fully automatic open/close mixing head
  • Low volume/high velocity mixing head flush system to ensure simple and quick cleaning with minimum solvent use
  • 20 Litre non-pressurised solvent tank
  • Storage area for original catalyst/hardener container
  • Unique catalyst/hardener monitoring system
  • Catalyst system includes return isolation valve to provide additional security
  • Adjustable umbilical support boom
  • Stainless steel resin drum platform optimised for easy loading of standard resin barrels
  • In-line resin and catalyst filters to allow cleaning without removing loading hose from material
  • Purpose designed resin and 316 Stainless Steel catalyst/hardener pumps for high reliability and simple maintenance. Modular for easy removal
  • Seals designed and tested for service life in excess of 250,000 Kg of resin.
Control System
  • 110-240V Industrial Omron Microelectronic Modular PLC.
  • 7” Colour HMI touch screen 480x320 resolution with adjustable brightness/contrast.
  • Compact Flash (Type II) slot for data logging in CSV format
  • Intelligent machine program - prevents operator error (e.g. flushing while injecting)
  • 30 Recipes for operator programmes (Unless RFID option 2 specified which has unlimited recipe capacity)
  • Password protection for configuration and programming screens
  • Programmes enable input of injection volume, injection pressure, start and end catalyst/hardener percentages
  • Machine Operation Log Screen records machine actions
  • Average flow rates displayed during injection
  • Automatic recirculation feature with user programmable timers
  • Automated flush sequence
  • Adjustable flush alarm to warn operator if flush has not been carried out
  • Adjustable machine stall warning/alarm
Ciject® Two Machine Options
Solvent Level Sensor
  • Non-intrusive solvent level sensor that detects if level is insufficient for operation
  • Prevents start-up and warns operator if level is low
  • Catalyst Level Sensor (Polyester/Vinylester version only)
  • Non-intrusive capacitive sensor that detects if level is insufficient in operation
  • Prevents start-up and warns operator if level is low
  • Catalyst/Hardener and Resin Flow Measurement System
  • Sophisticated flow sensing system based on gear-type flow meters
  • Sensors available for both resin and catalyst/hardener pump outputs
  • Output displayed graphically and numerically on operator screen
  • Outputs can be data-logged (if data log to compact flash option is specified)
  • Note: Sensors to be specified to suit required mix ratio and output range
  • Motorised Component System (MCR)
  • Automatic motorized servo control of B Component level; linked to recipes
  • Progressive catalyst injection for automatic control during injection of large components - this allows injection to start at one ratio and progressively increase during the injection to finish at a second ratio
  • System uses high quality Omron AC servo motor system with digital rotary encoder for continual position monitoring and origin detection
  • Auto-origin function on machine start-up
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • RFID mould recognition system enables supervisor to program tag attached to mould. Operator scans tag which sets machine injection parameters. Allows unlimited number of moulds to be identified by the machine. Prevents incorrect injection settings.
  • Tags can be attached to mould, are self powered and are highly resistant to damage.
  • This system removes the requirement for an operator to select the correct recipe and allows unlimited numbers of moulds to be instantly recognised by the injection machine.
  • 2 tags are supplied with this option. For additional tags please request quote for item: EL-25-0260
  • Pre-Injection Vacuum Level Test Facility
  • In-mould pressure monitoring via sequenced injection valve operation
  • Automatically measures mould vacuum level and provide pass/fail feedback prior to injection
  • Inline Resin Heater
  • Stainless steel inline fluid heater with 2KW thermostatically controlled cartridge type elements
  • Solid state relay switching for reliable operation
  • Connection to injection machine ‘pump run’ signal to prevent overheating
  • PID temperature control with over-temperature alarm, adjustable from ambient temperature to 60°C
  • Dual display output showing actual and pre-set temperature
  • Note: Machine is rated for maximum material temperature of 80°C
  • High-Flow Mix-Head Option
  • High-flow mix-head designed to optimise material flow
  • Robust, pneumatically actuated recirculation valve
  • High-Flow Hose Option
  • For use to maximise machine output which is particularly useful when using higher viscosity resins
  • Large bore resin inlet and feed hoses with suitable filter
  • Standard configuration for connection to IBC (other configurations available on request)
  • Fixed Catalyst Tank
  • Rigidly mounted 10 L catalyst tank positioned on rear of machine cabinet
  • Includes replaceable inline filter
  • Provides gravity feed to catalyst pump
  • Available with polyester (OPTION-19) or phenolic (OPTION-24) versions
  • IMPS Input Module - 4 Inputs
  • Additional PLC module to enable monitoring and control from 4 additional IMPS sensors
  • On-screen display with graphs
  • Can be recorded to compact flash card if this option has been specified
  • Note: IMPS sensors to be specified and ordered separately
  •  Thermocouple Input Module - 6 Inputs
  • Additional PLC module to enable monitoring of up to 6 K-type thermocouples
  • On-screen display with graphs
  • Temperatures can be recorded to compact flash card if this option has been specified
  • Note: Thermocouple sensors not included with this option. Please contact Composite Integration for more details
  • Data Recording
  • Recording of critical process parameters onto compact flash card in CSV format
  • IBC Connection Kit
  • Parts kit to connect a Ciject injection machine to an IBC resin container
  • Includes male/female camlock connector, inline Y filter and connections to fit standard 1” resin feed hose
  • IBC Heater
  • 240V flexible heated jacket with quick release buckles to heat 1000 L IBC
  • 1000 mm x 4400 mm or heated length 3900 mm
  • Switchable upper and lower heat zones, 1000 watt each zone
  • Performance: Water temperature with insulation lid 15 - 80°C in 56 hours
  • Note: Machine is rated for maximum material temperature of 80°C
  • Barrel Heater
  • 240V flexible jacket to heat 200 L barrel to a maximum of 80°C
  • Silicone insulated heating element with PU covered polyamide cover
  • IP40 protection and 5 metre connection cable
  • Note: Machine is rated for maximum material temperature of 80°C
  • Material Holding and Degassing Tanks

    A range of material holding/degassing tanks that can be used with Ciject injection equipment

    The range includes:

  • Resin holding tanks
  • Hardener holding tanks
  • Optional vacuum rated degassing tanks
  • Heating options
  • Stirrer options
  • Spares Kits
  • Spares kits containing all necessary service replacement seals for pumps and mix-head
  • Conversion Kits
  • To convert a machine originally configured for use with one resin system to work with another
  • All parts necessary to convert for use with an alternative resin system (available to convert to polyester, epoxy or phenolic)
  • Includes appropriate catalyst/hardener pump
  • Includes alternative resin pump if necessary
  • Includes all necessary instructions pipe-work and connectors
  • How to Specify/Order

    Machine Item/Option NotesPart/Option Number
    Ciject Two Injection Machine
    Polyester Version 0.5% - 4.0% ratio rangeXE-2000-01
    Epoxy Version 2:1 100:12.5 - 100:50 ratio range XE-2000-02
    Epoxy Version 1:1100:25 - 100:100 ratio rangeXE-2000-03
    Phenolic Version1% - 8% ratio range XE-2000-04
    Solvent Level Sensor 05
    Catalyst Level Sensor
    Polyester/Vinylester version
    Resin and Catalyst Flow MetersPolyester/Vinylester version
    Resin and Hardener Flow Meters
    Epoxy version
    Motorised Component System (MCR)
    Pre-Injection Vacuum Test
    Inline PID Resin Heater
    Inline PID Hardener Heater
    Epoxy version
    High-Flow Mix-Head option17
    High-Flow Hose option IBC type 18
    Fixed Catalyst Tank
    Polyester/Vinylester version19
    IMPS Input Module - 4 input
    Thermocouple Monitoring Module - 6 input
    Data Recording
    Fixed Catalyst TankPhenolic version24
    Ciject Two Spares KitsPolyester option 0.5% - 4.0% ratio range (PRE Sept 2021) XE-2000-SK-01
    Epoxy option 100:12.5 - 100:50 ratio rangeXE-2000-SK-02
    Epoxy option 100:25 - 100:100 ratio rangeXE-2000-SK-03
    Phenolic option 1% - 8% ratio range XE-2000-SK-04
    Polyester option 0.5% - 4.0% ratio range (POST Sept 2021) XE-2000-SK-05
    High-Flow Mix-Head optionXE-2000-SK-06
    High-Flow Hose optionXE-2000-SK-07
    Fixed Catalyst Tank (Polyester) option09
    Fixed Catalyst Tank (Phenolic) option10
    IBC Connection Kit Resin feed XA-1094
    IBC Heater optionEpoxy hardener feedXA-1094-01
    Barrel HeaterXA-1097
    Conversion KitsKits available to convert machines to process alternative resin types
    Options Polyester to Epoxy 100:50 XE-2000-CK-01
    Epoxy 100:50 to Polyester XE-2000-CK-02
    Polyester to Phenolic XE-2000-CK-03
    Phenolic to Polyester
    Epoxy 100:100 to Polyester
    Epoxy 100:50 to Epoxy 100:100
    Epoxy 100:100 to 100:50
    Material Holding/Degassing Tanks
    A range of material processing tanks are available - please refer to 'Material Holding and Degassing Tanks' product page for a full list of configuration options and part numbers

    To specify a machine configuration use the machine part number followed by the required option numbers separated by a hyphen.

    e.g. XE-2000-01-06-11 & XE-2000-SK-01 specifies a Ciject Two Polyester with Catalyst Level Sensor option and MCR plus the appropriate spares kit.