Ciject® Injection Equipment Ciject® Four

Direction Infusion Equipment

Designed specifically for high volume Direct Infusion™ processes

Based on the proven Ciject metering system, the Ciject® Four uses a double pump system to provide optimum output plus a level of process security during the infusion (each pump/mix-head can be shut down and flushed if necessary during the infusion).
The machine is designed for use with multiple in-mould pressure sensors (IMPS).

The specification can be adapted and the control system can be configured to suit the particular parameters of the customer’s process.

The Ciject Four is currently used to manufacture the worlds largest production infused yachts.

Features include:

  • Fully enclosed cabinet housing pumping and control systems
  • Fully automatic mixing heads feeding into auto-manifold
  • Skid mounted with castors, fork lift and gantry lift points
  • Resin Inlets with cam-lock IBC connectors, large-bore in-line filters and in-line catalyst/hardener filters for easy cleaning without disconnection
  • Low volume/high velocity mix-head and auto-manifold flush system to ensure simple and quick cleaning with minimum solvent use. 20 Litre non-pressurised solvent tank
  • Unique catalyst/hardener monitoring system
  • Purpose designed resin and 316 Stainless Steel catalyst/hardener pumps for high reliability and simple maintenance. Modular for easy removal.
  • Seals designed and tested for service life in excess of 250,000 Kg of resin.
  • Two Independent Pump System - (2 resin & 2 catalyst/hardener) with the option to run independently
  • Mixed output up to 12Kg per min (dependant on resin viscosity) per pump. (note: total output from both pumps will depend on resin viscosity, air supply and downstream pipe-work restrictions)
  • Meter mix from 0.5% to 3.5% resin/catalyst ratio (polyester), 15% to 50% resin/hardener ratio (epoxy)
  • Drive cylinder heating/de-icing system
  • High flow cylinder silencers
  • Recirculation isolation valves to ensure 100% material flow to mixing head during injection
Control System
  • 110-240V Industrial Omron Modular PLC with Integrated 5.7” Colour operator control panel
  • Alarm beacon mounted on operator control panel
  • 'Uninterruptible’ power supply (UPS) with alarm
  • Intelligent machine program - prevents operator error (e.g. flushing while injecting)
  • Simple selection of infusion settings
  • 4 input IMPS with user selectable full PID pressure control
  • Supplied with 4 x IMPS sensors (including 4 x 10 m leads as standard)
  • IMPS calibration screen
  • Password protection for configuration and programming screens
  • Programmable input of injection volume, injection pressure, start and end catalyst percentages
  • Machine Operation Log Screen records up to 4000 machine actions
  • Selectable auto/manual flush sequence with adjustable flush alarm to warn operator if flush has not been carried out
  • Adjustable machine stall warning/alarm
  • Moving average (10 second) and total average flow rates displayed during injection
  • Automatic recirculation feature with user programmable timers
  • Recirculation ‘flow test’ function to assist with viscosity/flow rate assessment
  • Alarm levels for vacuum
  • Vacuum ‘drop-test’ screen with configurable parameters and Green/Red Pass/Fail display output
  • Catalyst/hardener check on pre-infusion screen
  • Injection pause at pre-set level for IBC change
Ciject® Four Machine Options
Motorised Component Ratio system (MCR)
  • On-screen adjustment of B component ratios
  • Automatic motorized servo control of catalyst level; linked to recipes.
  • Progressive catalyst injection for automatic control during injection of large components. Allows injection to start at one ratio and progressively increase during the injection to finish at a second ratio.
  • System uses high quality Omron AC servo motor system with digital rotary encoder for continual position monitoring and origin detection.
  • Auto origin function on machine start-up.
  • Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID)
  • RFID mould recognition system enables supervisor to program tag attached to mould. Operator scans tag which sets machine injection parameters. Allows unlimited number of moulds to be identified by the machine. Prevents incorrect injection settings.
  • Tags can be attached to mould, are self powered and are highly resistant to damage.
  • System removes the requirement for an operator to select the correct recipe and allows unlimited numbers of moulds to be instantly recognised by the injection machine.
  • 2 tags are supplied with this option. For additional tags please request quote for item: EL-25-0260
  • Remote Pendant Operator Screen
  • 5” colour touch screen on 10m armoured pendant cable to enable remote machine operation
  • Includes additional Emergency Stop Button
  • On-board Vacuum System
  • 40m³/hr oil filled rotary vane vacuum pump
  • 2 mbar absolute vacuum level.
  • Mounted to machine skid with appropriate filtration.
  • Provision of a vacuum pump oil fill spout
  • Provision of 1-1/2” ‘Camlock’ vacuum outlet
  • DOL starter unit for start/stop operation of pump linked to screen control.
  • On screen alarms high/low level with adjustable set points
  • Absolute Vacuum level switch with digital display of vacuum level
  • Solid state switching circuitry (SSR’s) for pump operation with electrical overload protection.
  • Easy access front cover
  • In-line Resin Heater
  • Stainless steel in-line fluid heaters with 2KW thermostatically controlled cartridge type elements.
  • Solid State Relay switching reliable operation.
  • Connection to injection machine ‘pump run’ signal to prevent overheating.
  • PID temperature control with over-temperature alarm, adjustable from ambient temperature to 60°C.
  • Dual display output showing actual and pre-set temperature.
  • Note: Machine is rated for maximum material temperature of 80°C
  • Catalyst/Hardener and Resin Flow Measurement System
  • A more sophisticated flow sensing system.
  • Sensors available for both resin and catalyst/hardener pump out-puts.
  • Output displayed graphically and numerically on operator screen.
  • Outputs can be data-logged (if SCADA system is specified).
    *sensors to be specified to suit required mix ratio and output range.

  • Vacuum level Monitoring - 2 inputs
  • Additional PLC Module and connections to enable monitoring of 2 external vacuum levels
  • On-screen display
  • Can be recorded and monitored if SCADA option if specified
  • Data Recording
  • Recording of critical process parameters onto compact flash card, in CSV format
  • Thermocouple input module - 6 inputs
  • Additional PLC Module to enable monitoring of up to 6 K type thermocouples
  • On-screen display with graphs
  • Can be recorded and monitored if SCADA option if specified
  • Spares Kit
  • Spares Kit containing all necessary service replacement seals for pumps and injection head
  • How to specify / order

    Machine Item/Option NotesPart/Option Number
    Ciject Four Injection MachineXE-4000
    Polyester Version 0.5% - 3.5% ratio range01
    Epoxy Version 2:1 100:12.5 - 100:50 ratio range02
    Epoxy Version 1:1100:25 - 100:100 ratio range03
    Motorised Component Ratio (MCR)x 2 included03

    Remote Pendant Screen05
    On-Board Vacuum Pump06
    High-Flow Mix-Head07
    Inline PID Resin Heater08
    Resin and Catalyst Flow MetersPolyester/Vinylester version
    Resin and Hardener Flow MetersEpoxy version
    Vacuum Level Monitoringx 2 included14
    Thermocouple Monitoring Modulex 6 inputs included15
    Additional IMPS Input Modulex 6 inputs included16
    Data Recording17
    Spares Kits
    Polyester Option0.5% - 3.5% ratio range
    Polyester High-Flow Mix-Head Option02
    Epoxy Option100:12.5 - 100:50 ratio range
    Epoxy with High-Flow Mix-Head Option04

    To specify a machine configuration use the machine part number followed by the required option numbers separated by a hyphen.

    e.g. XE-4000-01-06-17 & XE-4000-SK-01 specifies a Ciject Four Polyester with On-Board Vacuum Pump option and Data Recording option plus the appropriate spares kit.