Ciject® Injection Equipment Ciject® Five

Infusion Machine

The Ciject® Five has been developed as an extension of the existing Ciject range of meter-mixing injection/infusion machines.Designed specifically for large scale infusion processing, the Ciject Five uses precision gear pumps to achieve output rates.

The Ciject® Five is designed to achieve the following:

  • To replace manual resin mixing and handling in the infusion process.
  • To connect directly and cleanly to bulk material storage tanks.
  • To automatically pump and mix resin/hardener and maintain ratio accuracy over the entire output range.
  • To dispense the mixed resin directly into the infusion process.
  • To automatically control the rate of injection based on pressure feedback from the mould.
  • To enable the operator to have full control of the process with relevant checks, interlocks/alarms and feedback before and during the process.
  • To be easily, safely and efficiently flushed/cleaned after the process.
  • To enable real-time process data to be recorded.

Significant Technical Benefits:

  • The ability to accurately control infusion pressure at the bag inlet point to a resolution of 100mbar whilst continually infusing at varying rate. Infusion can be controlled by either pressure (with a maximum flow rate limit), or, flow rate (with a maximum pressure limit). This fine control allows continuous infusion (not stop/start) without ever causing over-pressurisation (bag blistering).
  • Ratio control with continual PID control between A & B components and verification using a predicted/measured flow method. This methodology provides a high confidence level in both the operation of the pumps, flow meters and the final measured ratio.
  • The ability to control infusion pressure between 100mbar abs and 1000mbar abs enables the control of the bag consolidation pressure. Typical infusion pressure is 700mbar abs which leaves a positive pressure on the bag of 300mbar or 3 tons/meter sq. The ability to restrain flow in this manner enables user control of final volume fraction. Confirmation of these unique capabilities can be evidenced from existing infusions of up to 8 tons resin quantity.
  • The equipment can monitor up to 4 in-bag sensor inputs per mixing unit and any monitored sensor may be used at any point during the infusion for process control. This gives highly accurate control and great flexibility of infusion strategy. Additional IMPS inputs available (see options)
  • The equipment contains an onboard flushing system. No resin purging is required to clean the mixing unit. Solvent usage is minimal (up to 1 litre maximum). Time to clean is approx 3-4 minutes.
  • A range of ‘pre-infusion’ checks can be incorporated into the software to assist with the preparation for infusion. These can include:
    • Incoming material temperature verification
    • Recirculation checks to validate flow rates of material (pseudo viscosity check)
    • Dispense check to validate material flow rate
    • Vacuum drop tests using IMPS sensors already connected in bag
    • Operator checks
    • IBC material levels
General Specification

General Specification:

Machine Item DetailsNotes
Total machine output (based on typical specification)
2 to 25 litres/minute
Depending on mix ratio and length and diameter of down-stream pipe-work (other pump sizes can be specified)
Pumping system resin
2 to 25 litres/min
Gear type pump (cast iron/steel) with vector drive
Pumping system Catalyst/hardener
Flow rates to suit material set-up
Gear type, magnetically coupled pump (stainless steel) with servo/vector drive
Flow measurement resin
To suit range
Gear type flow meter. With alarm at +/- 2% off set ratio
Flow measurement catalyst-hardener
To suit range
Gear or piston type flow meter. With alarm at +/- 2% off set ratio
Pressure control
Internal monitoring and IMPS
Pressures monitored internally and at the bag inlets. Output controlled from IMPS sensor(s) in mould. All sensors can be monitored simultaneously.
Mix Head
High-flow type
Includes actuated recirculation valves
Flushing system
Non-pressurised tank, manual and automatic operation
Solvent level sensor
Non-intrusive with adjustable set points

Control system
Omron PLC
Modular high performance PLC
Colour touch screen
Omron 10” Colour HMI
Programmable settings
Mix ratio, quantity, pressure, IMPS selection, recipe, etc
Mix ratio, over pressure, solvent level, pre-infusion recirc/viscosity check. Visual and audible alarms with beacon
-1 to +3 bar
Standard specification includes four IMPS inputs (switchable)
Expandable (see options)
4 wheels
Heavy duty Lockable
Material Connections
To match IBCs, includes isolation valves
Maintenance functions
Material sampling
Test facility to dispense output sample before each infusion
Data recording
Compressed air requirements
8 bar @ max 10cfm
Power supply requirements
3 x 415V 50Hz
Approx 16 A

Ciject® Five Machine Options
On-board vacuum system
  • 40m³/hr oil filled rotary vane vacuum pump
  • 2 mbar absolute vacuum level.
  • Mounted to machine skid with appropriate filtration.
  • Provision of a vacuum pump oil fill spout
  • Provision of 1-1/2” ‘Camlock’ vacuum outlet
  • DOL starter unit for start/stop operation of pump linked to screen control.
  • On screen alarms high/low level with adjustable set points
  • Absolute Vacuum level switch with digital display of vacuum level
  • Solid state switching circuitry (SSR’s) for pump operation with electrical overload protection.
  • Easy access front cover
  • Data Recording
  • Recording of critical process parameters onto compact flash card, in CSV format
  • Catalyst keg handling unit with level monitoring
  • Mechanism to hold a standard 25 litre catalyst container
  • Allows the catalyst container to be connected and then easily rotated (and locked) to provide gravity-feed to the pump
  • Double system can be specified to provide continuous feed during keg change-over
  • Vacuum level monitoring - 2 inputs
  • Additional PLC Module and connections to enable monitoring of 2 external vacuum levels
  • On-screen display
  • Can be recorded and monitored if SCADA option is specified
  • Thermocouple input module - 6 inputs
  • Additional PLC Module to enable monitoring of up to 6 K type thermocouples
  • On-screen display with graphs
  • Can be recorded and monitored if SCADA option if specified
  • Fixed 50 litre stainless steel catalyst tank with level monitoring
  • For use if ‘keg handling’ option is not specified
  • Fabricated stainless steel 50 litre tank with fixed mounting to machine frame
  • Through-lid microwave level sensor linked to machine control system and alarms
  • IMPS input module - 4 Inputs
  • Additional PLC Module to enable monitoring of and control from 8 additional IMPS sensors
  • On-screen display with graphs
  • Can be recorded and monitored if SCADA option if specified
  • How to specify / order

    Machine Item/Option NotesPart/Option Number
    Ciject Five Injection MachineGear pump based infusion machineXE-5000
    Polyester Version 0.75% - 2.25% ratio range
    (typical for 2 - 20 L/min output)

    Epoxy Version 2:1 100:20 - 100:40 ratio range
    (others available)

    Onboard Vacuum Pump
    Catalyst Keg Handling Unit
    With level monitoring06
    Vacuum Level Monitoring
    x 2 included07
    Thermocouple Module
    x 6 inputs included
    Fixed Catalyst Tank
    50 L stainless tank with level monitoring09
    Data Recording10
    Spares KitsXE-5000-SK
    Polyester Option01
    Epoxy Option02
    Ciject Five Service

    To specify a machine configuration use the machine part number followed by the required option numbers separated by a hyphen.

    e.g. XE-5000-01-03 specifies a Polyester Version with On Board Vacuum Pump