Wind and Renewables

Some of the largest composite structures on earth are manufactured using the resin infusion process.

Composite Integration are proud to supply manufacturing equipment and processing technology to the worlds leading manufacturer of wind turbines as well as to manufacturers in the tidal and wave energy sectors.

The Ciject® Two Injection machine for RTM and Infusion is based around a powerful modular touch-screen PLC, enabling the addition of a wide range of options and control functions.

Features include:

  • Mixed output from 0.1Kg up to 10Kg per min (dependant on resin viscosity)
  • Injection pressure range -1 to 9 Bar Gauge
  • In-mould pressure sensors (IMPS) can be connected to the machine to enable pressure control based on internal mould pressures
  • Fully automatic open/close mixing head
  • Low volume/high velocity mixing head flush system to ensure simple and quick cleaning with minimum solvent use
  • Unique catalyst/hardener monitoring system

Ciject Shell Machine

Infusions in this market can be up to 80m in length, one of the key requirements in large scale resin infusions is ensuring a consistent mix-ratio throughout the process.

These systems can offer closed loop pressure control in real time, ensuring optimum fill times and laminate quality, whilst maintaining highly accurate ratios throughout the required flow range.

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