Silicone Composites Ltd

Our Background

Silicone Composites Ltd is a specialist company with many years’ experience in the use of silicone in the composites, film and special effects industries. We work in partnership with Composite Integration Ltd; the market leader in RTM and infusion technology.

Combining this practical knowledge of silicone processing with Composite Integration’s expertise in designing and building world-class processing equipment has enabled us to offer a superb range of silicone spray equipment backed up by an unparalleled depth of composite processing knowledge.

Resin Infusion with reusable silicone bags

Silicone can often be used to replace the disposable bag with a reusable and pre-shaped bag which includes an integral sealing system, thus providing very significant savings in application time and materials.

Resin Inlet and venting strategies can be highly adaptable and resin flow can be influenced and accelerated by the use of disposable ‘flow media’ positioned between the vacuum membrane and the laminate. Resin infusion is particularly relevant when making large structures as tooling costs are relatively low when compared to RTM processes.

Unlike RTM, the ‘B’ surface finish of the resulting laminate is not controlled cosmetically but excellent laminate properties can be achieved.
Volatile emissions can also be dramatically reduced making resin infusion an excellent alternative to large-scale open moulding.